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Aeroplane Travel - Other Health and Safety Issues

Posted on 24 August, 2015 at 17:35

1. Being on the Ground Does Not Equal Safety

One of the deadliest accidents in airplane history actually occurred prior to takeoff. A deadly combination of fog and mixed radio signals from the flight deck caused two planes, carrying over 600 passengers between them, to collide head-on in the middle of a runway in the infamous Tenerife Accident. Over 500 individuals died as a result of this crash.

2. Germfest 2015

The seats, the tray table, the seat pocket and even the little safety booklet with the fun cartoons – all covered in germs! Airplanes receive so much traffic with travelers constantly coming and going, these tricky areas receive less of a thorough cleaning than you may have thought. But if you really think about it, you just watched the other passengers exit the plane you’re about to get on – the flight attendants can’t possibly have had time to do a thorough cleanse.

3. They Don’t Technically Need the Pilots

Airplane technology is so advanced that planes could literally fly themselves. Even though a computer-generated landing would result in a much softer and precise return to earth, airlines continue to allow the pilots the control just to make them feel important… and for other reasons I’m sure. Not sure which is scarier — being in the hands of a human who could potentially fall asleep, or being in the hands of a computer that does everything perfectly.

4. Sudden Decompression

We’ve all thought about it – what would happen if that tiny door somehow unlatched itself while we’re up above the clouds? It’s pretty much what you would imagine – the sudden decompression would cause the door to violently break off and anyone standing nearby would be sucked out of the plane. Meanwhile, the air would quickly turn to a frost-biting chill and the plane would slowly begin to break apart. Next time you’re on a flight, try to think of something else.

5. The Little Black Box Isn’t Indestructible

If the black box is the lone survivor of almost every serious plane crash, why isn’t the entire plane made of this magic material? The answer is that a plane made of the same material – steel, that is – would be too heavy to fly.

“But Superman does it,” you say. Listen, Superman does a lot of things we can’t explain. The little black box can be destroyed by the crushing weight of airplane wings or an inferno of jet fuel anyway, so really, nothing can save you.

6. Incidents of Turbulence Are Rising

It’s official, there is no place on or above the earth you can escape the negative effects of climate change. Increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been causing incidents of turbulence to rise. They will continue to rise until we humans are able to make climate-friendly life choices. Including limiting our excessive use of fossil fuels, such as fuel for air travel.

7. Pilots Don’t Eat Airline Food

It’s true, we all suffer with muffin-shaped eggs while the pilots get to enjoy their own special meal that was prepared separately for them. The reason behind this isn’t going to make you feel any better either – it’s to limit the chance that they’ll get sick.

8. Oxygen Masks Only Last 15 Minutes

The oxygen masks in an airplane only hold enough oxygen to last approximately fifteen minutes, which is long enough for the plane can reach a low enough altitude to have breathable air. Why don’t the flight attendants mention this during their robot speech? Because it would freak you out, that’s why!

9. Used Headphones

Just because the headphones you are using come in a plastic bag doesn’t mean they’re new, or clean. The headphones are cleaned after use – however, I doubt a bored employee is putting as much effort into cleaning as I would when using something that has just been dislodged from a stranger’s ear.

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